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Re: High Desert Mamas?

I'm not sure if the playgroup is what I was hoping for. We spent the most of the time doing the ASQ form. I think they should have mailed them out ahead of time because it was nearly impossible to get my son to pay attention to me since it was a new environment with a good number of people and an entire table of toys. The lady running it was already talking about identifying problems and getting referrals and interventions. My son was a bit behind in a couple of areas but then it was asking for him to do things that he has not before: such as stack blocks 6 high. The blocks we have at home are large and tip over around 5 high.

The organizer mentioned that next time they will be evaluating if the toddlers are too attached to us parents. I'm not sure if I agree that there's such a thing as a SAH-parented toddler being too attached. I plan to go to the next one but if I feel like it's not a good fit for us then I don't think I'll go the time after....

Hope you and your girls are doing well!
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