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Re: Skin rash help please

Sounds like eczema since it's usually dry and itchy, but could be an allergic reaction. If nothing else works, You may want to try stopping the commen allergens (eggs, peanuts, diary, soy, wheat, and meat).

Here's the homeopathic and herbal remedies I know of for rashes:

~Florasone...I've heard it works fast!
~Aloe vera gel, calendula, nettles (urtica), comfrey leaf, chamomile, elder flower, and tea tree oil can be used externally as a soothing wash.
~Oat straw baths reduce inflammation and itching.
~Sulpher 30c, Urtica 30c, and Rhus Tox 30c...They are all good for red, itchy rashes, and I'll check back with the specific symptoms for each of these when I have my book.

I hope it goes away quick. I know how hard rashes are to deal with because it's hard to find the cause. Once you find it, it'll go away fast. Best wishes, mama.
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