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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

I used to go to Aldi all of the time. I am vegan so I can't attest to their meat. I did used to buy Tilapia there and it was great. (I was vegetarian, ate fish and seafood for years.) I also used to love their cheeses. I saw on here that someone did not like them. I only got "real" cheese there and none of the processed stuff but I thought that it was good. I also really used to like their 12 grain bread.

I think that the crackers (fake wheat thins and triscuits) are great. The spaghetti sauce is awesome...the frozen garlic bread is pretty good too. When I drank soda I liked their grape, orange and black cherry. (I don't drink soda anymore and I never did drink any cheap cola.)

I only bought/buy milk without hormones so I have not bought my milk there.
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