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Re: do you let your teen girl wear a bikini in public?

can we define "PUBLIC" are we talking at a swimming event or just wandering around in a suit? I ask due to the STRONG dislike of showing skin on the board..... No flaming Just wondering? I did Post this earlier in the conversation BUT I was refering to a Pool, Ocean, lake whatever the Water even was NOT just for wearing willy nilly

"QUOTE 14 yr old GIRL in the house and Yes she wears bikinis... She Choses to be a Bit modest and wears Boycut bottoms and the Longer Tank-ini type Tops where its Fitted and cut to the breast with wires and all that jazz but extra fabric to cover the tummy....
I would NOT let her wear a String bikini, I would be terrified if her breasts Popped out during a Jump in the pool also NO Thong seriously there is just no point there unless your TRYING to show off your goods you can get a GREAT tan in a regular suit When she is Older 18+ that will be her choice but until then I say standard bikini is just fine..... "QUOTE
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