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Re: do you let your teen girl wear a bikini in public?

Originally Posted by lovespepper View Post
I totally agree, but I'm getting some strong opposition at home. Arguments for it include: I need to fit in with social norms (or I'd be an outcast), don't you trust me, it's a different culture now and no one cares if you are half naked, etc..............
I have to say, I remember my parents being pretty strict when we were kids, and i felt like the outsider a lot! It is embarrassing when you're the only one who can't do something, for what seems like a silly reason. I get where they were coming from now, but then again, I've decided that I will let my teenagers wear what they want to wear (within reason). I personally do wear bikinis (ok, well, not anymore in my thirties and post 2 babies, but I hope to wear one again eventually!) and I don't have a problem with them. For me it would just depend on how the whole thing looked on and the age and body of the girl. Girls who are modest anyway would not feel comfortable wearing something very skimpy, but if they're confident in their body and their attitude, and they aren't purposely trying to get attention, why not.
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