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Re: do you let your teen girl wear a bikini in public?

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
No, never. Shorts and shirts over a suit unless they are at home or swimming with just a few girls in a non-public place. There is no reason for girls or women of any age to be exposing so much of their bodies, I don't care what the "norm" is. There are plenty of things that are socially acceptable that I won't be a part of and will do what I can within reason to keep my girls from. I don't care if we are considered outcasts. I would rather be considered an outcast than sacrifice my daughters childhood, modesty and innocence in effort to be doing what everyone else is doing. I don't personally believe there is a such thing as a modest bikini.
I'm just curious how you feel about men in just swim trunks...still exposing their chest?

I will let my girls wear them, no string bikinis or anything and I'll have to approve them. I wear a tankini now that I have stretch marks but wore a bikini for many years. Unfortunately, just covering your girls up or making them wear rash guards and the like isn't going to keep adult men from checking out your girls. I think sadly, if they are developed, no matter what they are wearing they will be checked out by guys. I've seen it myself.
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