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Re: do you let your teen girl wear a bikini in public?

My husband wears a shirt and swim trunks unless it is just me and him in a non public place. I do agree that there are men out there that will check out any female regardless of what is or is not covered. However, I am not going to let others or society dictate what is okay for my family. I can't stop others from doing what they are going to do but I can have some control of the decisions of my family. Modesty is a very important issue for us. I fully realize that I cannot protect my daughters from all the filthiness in the world around them but I will not be bringing this type of thing into their lives if I can help it and will certainly not give up on modesty because guys will check them out no matter what they are wearing. As parents, we have a responsibility to our kids to protect them in whatever way we can. I will not allow my girls to expose their bodies and will teach them to respect themselves AND others. As a wife, I don't other girls and women in bikinis around my husband. We do go places where this can happen but we try to go at times where it is not so crowded, we leave if the environment is not family friendly, etc. There are a million reasons why people think that bikinis are okay but none of that will change my mind. It is disgusting that we live in a world where those of us who choose modesty are deemed outcasts instead of praised for teaching our kids to respect their bodies. I myself am Latina and we do have bodies that develop at a very young age. I am well aware that my girls will be beautiful on the outside but I am focusing on them receiving attention and love for their inner beauty. Teaching modesty does not mean they will be taught to be ashamed of their bodies or not taught confidence. I will do everything I can to raise them as well rounded girls inside and out and I don't feel that immodest swimwear or clothing is a part of that.
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