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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

We went and did our first big shop at Aldi the other day, paid about $68 and got a LOT of stuff - our biggest spend usually is meat, so we end up limiting ourselves when we go to any other stores (usually Walmart or Buy For Less) but we got tons of stuff - pork chops, a huge pack of beef mince, chicken breasts and ribs - we used some mince to make burgers, will use the rest for lasagne & spaghetti bolognaise...had the pork chops last night/leftovers for breakfast this morning....will have chicken tomorrow as we're having pasta from there tonight - we're pretty impressed...usually we come out of Walmart with like 2 1/2 meals, having spent a similar amount!!

The only problem we had was finding decent fresh vegetables and fruit - some of it was okay, but the onion packages contained moulding or sprouting onions for example... We ended up getting a couple of things fresh and then got some frozen packs which are actually really nice!!

Hubby is very fussy with his milk, but both of us commented that it's absolutely just as good as the stuff we normally buy, only $1 cheaper!! We didn't risk bottled water because hubby is even more fussy about his water but I might convince him to try next time, because we get through a lot of water...

Overall, we were very impressed... We're hoping to spend a little less next time, as we stocked up on regular pantry items (eg tinned tomatoes, beans etc) and pretty much just picked up a load of stuff to try, to see if it really was just as good, or if there was anything worth avoiding in Aldi and getting from a different store.

I'd definitely recommend trying it out for a big shop - there are also a few blogs where people have written up meal plans/shopping lists using Aldi as their store if you do a quick google... We'll be going back there next time!

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