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Re: Destashing... never thought it'd be to THIS

LOVE flats, I'm buying more right now. I would destash some but I am so one of those people who say "but I will need that someday".

To whoever asked about how we use them- you are a lucky duck I have pics. I don't like origami fold, it's waaaay too wide for my girls, I don't like having a lot of bulk around the waist/hips. Scratch that, I DETEST bulk on waist/hips. I have come up with my own angel-type fold to even lessen what is there. here's a mini-tute for ya, broken down into super easy mini steps. This is using what I think (bought off etsy) is a GMD med flat, but it may be LL. I have others that are for sure GMD and I do the same thing.

First fold the hemmed edges together:

Next bring bottom up to desired rise (I just fold it up all the way to make a square for my 7 mo):

Then fold in right side:

Then take the top 2 layers of what you just folded in and wing it out:

Then do the same thing on the other side (except on this side you'll have 2 folds instead of 4 edges, just grab one of the folds):

Then fold bottom up and pin or snappi:

And here is my 2yo modeling a too-small version of this. This was before, when I just folded in quarters and did angel fold, rise is too short and not enough wrap-around.

I love this because it's easy, puts so many layers in the stride of the diaper, and yet the wings are thick enough to hold a snappi but thin enough for my liking.

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