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Re: How do I get ds to sleep longer?

Originally Posted by newuanda
So weird that sounds exactly like last night with DS. He's the same way. He's still waking up at 11 months and I'm not sure why. We wait about 5 minutes, go in rock, etc. etc. etc. Do all that stuff. Just not working. I get so tired of it all and I'm just dead during the day. I'm going to have to find that book. In a way it makes you feel like you are doing something wrong as a mother when other people have babies that sleep just fine through the night when they are 4 weeks old.
You're so right, I feel like a failure of a mother!!!!!! I was up SIX times with him last night! Tho i suspect he's not feeling his very best. He cried in bed nursing so finally I said (in total exhaustion) if you're going to cry,, you might as well cry in your crib and let mommy get some rest. My dh (who came home yesterday!!) finally rescued ds and took him for a little walk and changed his diaper in the wee hours of this am. This just can't go on . . .I checked out Healthy Sleep Habits Happy child from the library. PLEASE let it hve some answers!
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