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Re: Double Stroller?

I finally decided that since I'll have 4 under 4 1/2 this fall, I should probably break down and get a double stroller. After reading and watching lots of stroller reviews, I decided on a Combi side by side double stroller. The same day I was going to order it, I found an older model Combi up on Craigslist for $75 - yay!!.
I REALLY like it - very light and easy to maneuver. I'm petite, and pregnant, so I wanted something that wouldn't overwhelm me or be too heavy or bulky for me to lift in and out of the car. These videos convinced me: Graco Quattro vs. Combi Twin. I really like having both children (though I have actually squeezed in three..) close to me and able to interact with each other, so I preferred the side by side style for that reason, and the compactness and manageability. AND I would rather push around 20lbs of stroller rather than 40lbs.

If you buy new, has the best prices I found, for last year's designs of strollers. If you buy used, some silicone lubricant spray on the wheels is amazing for making them turn like butter again.
Oh, I just realized you're in Canada... so you'll have to skip on the Albeebaby suggestion.

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