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Re: Lets talk Baby Names

I though of names, then looked them up to make sure they didn't mean anything terrible so the kid wouldn't get teased later. Names have different meaning depending on which source you look up and may have different meanings in different countries/cultures. I looked up Kennedy and the site that I looked up says it is Irish for "helmet head," lol! Then it goes on to say the English as a first name was inspired by President Kennedy and Nigel Kennedy. There is also a movement for last names as first for girls, like Emerson, Reagan, etc.

I looked up my girls' names and have found various meanings, but they are all similar and nothing scary. My goal was uncommon names, but not totally out there or made up. I picked names in the 900's for popularity, but I just notice the SSA published their most popular baby names of 2009, and my girls' names dropped off the top 1000, which is kind of cool!
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