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Re: Lets talk Baby Names

Cadence is my oldest and it means rythem. That is why she was named Cadence. I did not hear it off of American Pie, and she was not named Cadence bc i have a miltary affiliation. I picked out her name when i was 13 bc i was in the Marching band on the Drum line and that was a very important part of my life. And it was not even close to being popular when i chose it 16 years ago.

Courtney means short nose. I chose Courtney bc that was a name that has been in our family for a while and my mom wanted to have a daughter named courtney, but never had any more kids.

Kason Means Helmet. I chose Kason when i chose Cadence. So that was chosen 16 years ago also. It is a strong name and a not so common name. Yes i know there are others out there, but not enough to make me worry about him being Kason S. his entire school career.

Kaia means the Sea. No special meaning. Just a name i heard and i liked.

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