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Re: Lets talk Baby Names

Originally Posted by Fairycat View Post
Kaia actually is greek and means "pure", Kai means ocean/sea in Hawaiian and Japanese. My friend used the name Kai for her DS and I love it, Kaia is pretty too!

Maverick is one of those interesting sleeper names, that is way more popular then you would ever imagine (511 last year), but you still rarely ever hear it on many kids, which is cool. But I have to say thanks to meeting two girls with the name I think of Rebel as a girls name.

But saying that it's so funny how knowing some one with a name can change its meaning a lot. My sister is Hillary and as much as I hate to admit I do like the name My sister is anything but Cheerful. There are a lot of good names ruined by people with them and I so love a few names I can't have like Leah because I know too many great people with the name right now.

Depends on where you look
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