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I HATE my neighbor's dog.

My neighbor's dog has been put outside at 7pm every night for the past five nights.

My neighbor (also a single mom) has then left the house until 9 or 10.

The dog barks the entire time.

I have tried speaking to her about it, but her response is "your dog barks too". MY DOG IS NEVER LEFT OUTSIDE BARKING FOR MORE THAN A FEW BARKS AND DEFINITELY NOT LEFT OUTSIDE WHEN I AM NOT THERE!

My daughter is not able to sleep. I have her windows shut and a sound machine (white noise machine) on. She's spent the last three nights sweating horribly because the windows are closed and not falling asleep until the dog gets taken inside.

I have called the police who do nothing.

Tonight I went over there when the lady came home. (I had DD on my hip because I obviously wouldn't leave her home alone). I wanted to speak to the woman but she flew off the handle screaming at me saying there's nothing she can do about it if she's not home, and it's not fair to leave him in the house since she's gone all day.

and I yelled back at her. I am so upset that DD saw me get upset and yell at someone. This is not at all the model I want her to see of how to interact with others.
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