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Re: Lets talk Baby Names

Levi I chose for a few reasons:
1. I have a 'long' name and HATED writing it 5 million times on every school paper, so wanted my kid to have a short one thats easy to write.
2. You dont hear it often, but its not so weird that no one knows how to pronounce or spell it.
3. It starts with an 'L' (my name is Leigh-Ann)

We didnt choose his name until we saw him though, I had a list of like 20 names that I had added/subtracted from a bunch of times.

His middle name, I chose for 2 things, one being my favorite place in London, where I lived for a couple years, and two for a t.v. show I watched a lot while pregnant that is all about family which is very important to me.

We ended up spelling his middle name with a 'K' instead of a 'C' b/c his dad's name is Kevin, BUT we are *almost* divorced and I have not heard from him sense ds was 15months old, so when I change ds's last name, Im going to change it to a C b/c I like that better anyway. Plus that will make his initials LCD instead of LKD, which I like better!

He was also given my maiden name as his 'second' middle name, b/c my middle name is my mom's maiden name. Kinda makes things easier now b/c when his name is changed its just a matter of dropping off his dad's last name!

His dad wanted his middle name to be 'Kason', but then made a joke about 'casing the joint' or something, so it really put me off that. The other name I liked was 'Presley', I cant rmember the others!

We didnt find out he was a boy until he was born, if he was a girl he would have been Braylen Kelly +my maiden name, last name. I chose Braylyn in middle school, and Kelly was a combo of Kevin and Leigh-Ann. So Im glad he wasnt a girl! Too many 'y's, too hard to change the middle name and just not something I like at all now.

IF I ever have more kids (not going to happen any time soon, as Im a single mommy), I like 'Mave' for a girl. No clue for a boy though.
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