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Re: Lets talk Baby Names

Originally Posted by wordmama View Post
Oh and Addison was also a top choice for DS. It means son of Adam - which is perfect as that is my DH's name. But stupid Grey's Anatomy came out with a girl named Addison and suddenly it was vogue to name your DD "son of Adam." Couldn't condemn DS to be one of 7 Addison's in a class - but the only boy with the name!
...someone who actually knows the meaning! I didn't know they existed

Though to be fair, most of those girls are probably spelled something like Addddecsssyinnnnezxyq so absolutely all meaning has been obliterated.

I'm intrigued by baby names. I really and truly hate bad ones, and ones that are trendy-- people say that it's a "unique" name just because they didn't hear it in people their own age, meanwhile, it's in the top 10 or so in popularity...

My baby is named Nicolai, (KNEE-co-lie, not Nickel-eye, for the record haha) which is a form of Nicholas. Its meaning has something to do with victory. The exact meaning varies depending on where you look. We chose the name and then checked the meaning. It was the only boys' name we could agree on, because we love the nickname Nico. Also, I have tons of very dear friends and "family" (my host family and the exchange student my family hosted) in various foreign countries, and Nicolai is very easily pronounced in a LOT of foreign languages (it seems to be difficult for Americans though hahahaha, whoops. Even though the pronunciation is super-simple). That was important to me, to have a name that all of my "important people" could pronounce.

It's also a name that a little boy can have and it's cute, and an adult can have and be taken seriously, and not be too strange in adolescence

My favorite baby name sites are and
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