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Re: I HATE my neighbor's dog.

We have the same issues with the (classy) people behind us. They have this dang pitbull that seems to be inside all day long but then nighttime rolls around and they put the beast outside, and chain it on a 4 foot leash to the fence. And she barks until like 4am if we don't call the cops. Luckily the police here DO deal with it, but its still annoying to go to bed and then as soon as I start to fall asleep the thing starts barking. The first time we called the police (after listening to her dog bark until 4am one night) the next night SHE was outside hollering about her dog eating our cats (uhm, we don't have cats?) and she was making barking noises. Psycho. She also screams at her kids all day long.

The neighbors next to them have a pitbull too and it got out twice last week and ran through our yard. You better believe I called the cops again.

I'm an animal lover, but when it comes to people owning them they need to be responsible. If its barking, figure out how to shut it up, its not MY problem that you can't control your animal and I will call the police.

The one thing I wish though is that the police would just confiscate the dogs (is that bad?). Neither are neutered which pits have been known to snap if they aren't neutered, plus its the rules that dogs be licensed. I highly doubt these people have their dogs licensed.

Anyway, sorry for the rant I just cannot wait to get out of this awful neighborhood my DH picked out.
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