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Re: I HATE my neighbor's dog.

We actually got the bark stop product that looks like a bird house - check around once you've read reviews and make sure you get a good price! I ended up getting the one we got on Amazon for about $20 less than I'd seen it elsewhere. It's actually worked GREAT!! Our neighbors have a Yorkie that just lurves to bark anywhere from 10-11pm (my hubby turns in around 9:30 usually, because he gets up around 5:15), and then it's often awakened us in the early morning hours, anywhere from 5-7am. We homeschool so our kids generally aren't up til around 8, and since I've been pregnant again I do NOT appreciate that dang dog barking outside our bedroom window, and our daughters', and waking us up all the time. We finally got the bark stop thing the last time the stupid dog barked and barked and barked and barked and barked from about 6:40 (JUST after my husband left for work) til after 7, and I was soooo mad and I thought, If that dang dog wakes up our baby - OR me!! - once the baby is here I am going to hurt somebody! It's SO frustrating!! And our neighbors are HOME when this goes on - I just can't understand how they have NO consideration for the fact that their dog goes to the corner of the fence that's 15 ft or so from our house, and our windows! GRR.

BUT, this birdhouse-lookin' bark stopper has STOPPED that stupid dog - YAY!! I hear it barking on the other side of their yard now, but only if I'm already awake - it's not loud enough to keep me awake or to wake me up. Now we're going to see about using it in our neighbors' yard on the other side of us, since there's a German shepherd that gets left out all night every night on the other side of them and it can rouse the entire neighborhood... BEST $50 or so we've ever spent!!

Hope you find one that works for you and you get it solved - I so feel your pain!
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