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Re: How to handle this?

I'd probably say chalk it up as a life lesson too. although thats frustrating as all get out , the results in the end wont be worth the 10 dollars possible. with you liking your sitter it could cause hard feelings that are unwarranted or maybe warranted. its next to impossible to get money back after its been taken and the possible suspect has left. my daughter just went thru this but her situation was reveresed. she was teh baby sitter and one of the children she was sittting with took it ( so she believes) but theres no way for her to prove it , she waited til 2 days later and by that time the money was either never taken or long gone. its unfair to your dss to have to lock his room down worrying about having his things taken in his own home , but unfortunately seems to be the way life goes sometimes.
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