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Re: How long after...

Every baby is different. Some spend forever cruising and since they are so fast why slow down to concentrate on balancing so that you can walk on your own. Others don't cruise they just stand up and walk.

My first pulled to stand 4 days before 7 months and went right to cruising. At 9 months she could do 3-4 steps on her own and everyone said just another week and she will be walking. Well at 10 months she was still only doing 6 steps. It wasn't till 10.5 months that she just stood up and walked across the room.

My second dd was a little houdini. She was very mobile but it was all crawling and climbing. (And she could escape any strap.....stroller, shopping cart, carseat) She was later to stand around 8 months ish but she never really cruised. She didn't take her first steps until her 1st birthday and was fully walking the next day.

My third was my earliest to pull to stand. 6 months. I figured she would be my earliest walker. Nope she was my slowest. She would cruised but not let go. She walked 2 days after her first b-day.....not that that was a lot longer than number 2 but she pulled to stand 2 months earlier. It was also a couple of weeks after her first steps became full walking.

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