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Re: do you let your teen girl wear a bikini in public?

Our girls are 3 & 1, but I think when they are teenagers, the answer is no. When Ava was a baby, she wore the cute little bikinis. However, I changed my mind about it between her & Faith. I had to ask myself "Why was it cute?" Honestly, it was cute to see all the chub hanging out all over, but it definitely wasn't modest! So anyway, they both wear one pieces now. I would do tankinis without a problem, but I don't know if they would stay put - Ava is NEVER still, especially in the pool, & without hips & boobs to make the bottoms stay up/tops stay down, I think she would probably be just as uncovered as she would in a bikini.
We live in FL, where pretty much everyone wears bikinis. I did for a long time, and really thought I was hot stuff. I thought it was cute & flirty to make the guys look at me. I didn't have any idea how men really think - to me, I was being cute & maybe a little sexy, but to them, I was probably being provocative. Now I wear tankinis out to the beach or pool, especially if there will be men there. If I go to the pool with girlfriends, I feel ok wearing a bikini.
Eventually, we will put a pool in our backyard. I think our rule will be that bikinis are ok in the backyard with girls only, but tankinis for anything else. It might be hard to enforce, though, because I know how sneaky teenagers can be, leaving the house with one thing & changing into another somewhere else.
I guess time will tell!
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