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Re: HOW does one decide?!

DH and I have actually been arguing over this since I was pregnant with DS...he just turned 4 in February. We've managed to establish who we DON'T want to have the kids, but we just can't agree on who we would want to take them. We'd originally agreed on my best friend & her hubby at the time, but after they had their own child and we saw how irresponsible they were and how completely un-AP that they were, we nixed the idea. DH's parents are both older & have health issues, his brother is completely irresponsible, my mom couldn't even manage to stick around for her own kids much less her grandkids, my dad has a horribly abusive temper, my brother has been living in a weed-induced haze for the past four years

We're between my two sisters right has a LO of her own and their parenting style is becoming more similar to ours as they notice how well it works but they are very irresponsible with their money, my other sister is awesome with money, has a great job, but has no kids & her current "parenting" style..her auntie style, anyways...its pretty far from what we do and the adjustment for the kiddos would be hard.

Both of our families enjoy their drama and no matter what our choice, somebody would be bound to make it a messy deal in the long run.
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