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Re: HOW does one decide?!

Originally Posted by simplykat View Post
My sister and i have always agreed that should something happen to us and our spouses, the other would raise our children. We decided this when we both only had our first daughters. Now between us, we have 7 children, but the same remains. There is no one else i'd rather raise my children if i could not myself or my husband could not. We don't parent exactly the same....but i respect her immensly and i know, without a doubt, that next to their mom and dad their aunty loves them more than anyone.

If you have several ppl you are considering, i would pick your first choice and ask them....if they say no, move down the list.....
I always figured my twin sister and I would do this for each other. I mean, we look alike (comforting for the kids? or creepy if I'm gone?), parent the SAME, have identical values, etc.
BUT... she's pg w/ her 4th as well. They're good w/ money and manage very well w/ their modest income. Their house is on the small side, though. But my MAIN issue is that they are on their 4th kid, too. EIGHT kids in a household? I don't think it's for her.
And I'm not sure my husband was too sold on the idea, either. Not sure why. Maybe b/c it's always a given that I go to my twin sister for things (advice, shoulder to cry on, help when I need it, etc.)?
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