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Re: do you let your teen girl wear a bikini in public?

i want dd to feel comfortable in her own skin while still being somewhat modest and definitely not trashy.

that being said, yes i will let her wear a bikini. there are some fairly nice styles out there that cover what needs to be covered without being too revealing. she will not be allowed to wear string bikinis, thongs, something that is too small, etc.

i've seen my fair share of one pieces that i've thought were MUCH more revealing and trashier than a nice bikini (ie - the bathing suit my MIL decided to wear this weekend with her boyfriend in tow. ugh. DH and i were speechless and she got insulted when we didn't compliment her. all i could say is "well, you certainly don't look like a grandma!").

as of now, i don't like to put her in bikinis. i don't like making little girls look like grown women (i also have issues with a lot of flower girl dresses because of this) and i like the sun protection a one piece gives her. plus all the bikinis she's gotten as gifts have been, well trashy. (i didn't think you could make trashy infant clothes, but apparently you can). they're from my MIL. can you tell we're going to have conflicts over how i'm raising my child?
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