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Re: HOW does one decide?!

My boyfriend and I have talked about this. All we know is that we wouldn't want our child to go to anyone in his family, because they are Jehovah's Witnesses. It's not *just* because we're atheists that we feel this way, but also because Witnesses oppose blood transfusions and some other medical procedures, and we don't want our baby to die because of their beliefs.

That would pretty much leave my parents, or my sister. My sister is in her early thirties right now, has a good job, and has been engaged forever (10 years, I think!) to a really great guy. The only thing is that she doesn't really like kids. She doesn't want any of her own (she has ferrets instead, haha), so I don't know how she'd feel about taking Nico in.

All of my other family is in Maryland (I'm in Maine) and my friends are all 19 and 20, and my boyfriend hasn't talked to his friends for a long time, so it would have to be between my parents and my sister, but beyond that, I have no idea!
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