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A little freaked about a big roadtrip with toddler. Advice please!

We will be driving to San Diego the 1st of July. It's a 14 hour drive and I'm insisting that we take it in 2 days because I am so paranoid about having a toddler in the car for that long. DS will be 19 months. He is super active and doesn't sit still for long. DD is 7 and she won't be any trouble, she loves to read and color and is totally mellow. I'm hoping to borrow a DVD player with the two screens so they can watch stuff, but I don't have any other ideas for dealing with or entertaining a toddler in the car for so long. Up until now I have avoided any long drives, the longest stretch was 3 hours last summer and DS was only 7 months at the time. Anyone BTDT?
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