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Re: A little freaked about a big roadtrip with toddler. Advice please!

I have 4, DD 8 and DSs 7, 3 and 16 months. We've done LONG road trips since they were super small -- Anchorage, Alaska to Nor Cal to Northern New York in 14 days when DD was almost 2 and DS was 4 months.

The key is taking walking breaks when you can and having LOTS of fun snacks and kiddo toys that he can keep close to him. We always get a new toy and movie before we go so they arent stuck playing with something they might get bored with quickly.

We convoyed from Columbia, South Carolina to Anchorage, Alaska via Seattle, Washington when #3 was 19 months and DD was 7 (I was 36 weeks preg with #4, #2 and DH were in different vehicle with dogs) and it was FUN! Well, freezing and long (5300 miles in 9 days) but still very fun. We listened to the Chronicals of Narnia audiobooks by Focus on the Family. Great investment!
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