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Re: travel vs stand up swings?

The best swing I have ever seen is the Fisher Price Linkadoos one from a few years back. I see that at the big kids consignment sales all the time. I know that there are issues with the rainforest one. I had it and was not crazy about it. When the baby gets big enough to sit up, they can lean forward and touch the ground. I have looked at several. Hubby found me one similar to this one used and it was the best.
First of all, this pic is borrowed from ebay. This is actually the aquarium one that looks very similar to the linkadoos one. I know a lot of people aren't crazy about used. You can wash it all so I was not worried about that. I wanted to say that when my mom was battling cancer, that swing was my lifesaver. I could not put the baby down and there was no one to hold her when I had to potty, shower, wash dishes, etc. She was on the small side, but since she wasn't very mobile, we probably used it every day until she was 8 months. Of course she's 3 now and life was hectic so I might be a little off on that.

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