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Re: do you let your teen girl wear a bikini in public?

Originally Posted by newbiemama View Post
i loooooove these posts!! totally agree

i say no to teens, pre-teens, and children wearing bikinis (boys AND girls, for that matter ) you have to understand the difference is, most men who are attracted to children are attracted to pre-teens. typically they're not physically attracted to young toddlers, for instance wearing bikinis. (i could go into details more, but i'd rather not). but either way modesty is modesty despite their age. if you have a rule for no bikinis when they're teens, then they shouldn't be allowed to wear them when they're young, either! as for boys, running around shirtless is a different issues, because they're chests aren't an obvious sexual body part, like what gets shown off when a female will wear a bikini.

**keep in mind, when i say bikini i mean bikini, a tankini is different because it doens't show off the stomach**
But to some women, a man's chest is just as sexual and a turn on as a woman's is to some men. Other than the fact that women can breastfeed and their breasts are often larger, what's the *real* difference between a man's chest and a woman's?

And I have to disagree that a woman's breasts get shown off while wearing a bikini. Yes there are *some* bikini's that are comprised of hardly any material that do show off the majority of a woman's breasts, but the many of them cover up the entire breast. Bikini's typically show off the midriff more than anything. I mean, the only real difference between *most* bikini's and one pieces are the fact that the midriff is covered, not the chest.

FTR, I don't believe a man should have to cover up and I think a woman, or teen *if their family allows*, can wear an appropriate bikini without being considered a "sexual being". IMO we're attracted to who we're attracted to. Sure, seeing a bare midriff may cause some sexual thoughts to run through a person's mind, but there are plenty of other, modest, things that can invoke the same response, especially in pubescent kids. A hug between friends, a smile, a nice knee length skirt, the way a person's hair is done. Sex means different things to different people, and I do not think clothes are what makes a person decide to have sex. Having sexual thoughts is perfectly normal, as long as one does not act upon them in the wrong time, or with the wrong person. And most people can control their thoughts.

So, IMO, if you don't allow bikin's as a house rule, that's great, but it should be across the board. Babies/Toddlers should be covered just as much as teens and mom should be. The rule should be for everyone. I just don't necessarily agree with now allowing bikinis because a man *may* look at them sexually. That's all. But we're all entitled to our own thoughts, just pointing out a different view.

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