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Re: A little freaked about a big roadtrip with toddler. Advice please!

We are going to do this in August. Eeek! We just PT this weekend, so what about a newly PT toddler? You don't get much more than 30 seconds notice that they need to go.
I assume we take our potty with us. Do we just pull over on the interstate?
We have headrest DVDs. So that will help pass the time.
Food. Toys. Books.
We plan on splitting the 880 mile trip into 2 days each way, with lots of stops and a swim in the reservoir once each way(it splits the trip in half almost exactly).

The last time we did this trip, my youngest was 6 months old. We left super early in the am & the last BF session before we left, I put him to sleep in his carseat carrier.
He slept 5 hours! We got the first day's trip done by lunch!
It went well except we tried to do back the same way but figured why not captialize on his ability to sleep til noon.
Big mistake!
Never assume since your kid is doing well that you can do more. You are wrong!
Bye bye.
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