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Re: A little freaked about a big roadtrip with toddler. Advice please!

We did a 10 day long road trip with my then 10 yr old and my 2.5 yr old last fall. We tended to drive through a good portion of the day, and then make sure we stopped early enough somewhere they had a pool and swim long enough to tire them both out. We also have a DVD player in the car that is a lifesaver, as well as having a bunch of toys and books with us. While in the car, some rules are totally off. TV time isn't restricted at all. If they wanted to watch movies all day while we drove it was fine. We also brought a bunch of different kid music for them to listen to. And last, we stopped throughout the day (generally ate breakfast and dinner in a restaurant and lunch was a picnic) so they had some time to play outside. My 2 yr old had just potty trained about 1.5 mos prior so he got to call the shots on when he needed to stop and go potty. When we stopped, generally we took enough time for him to stretch for a bit.
P.S. We drove from the Seattle area to Glacier NP to N. Montana (for a visit to some family sites) to Yellowstone, to Grand Tetons, to Hells Canyon and back again. It was a fantastic trip! Have fun.
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