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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

For me, personally, I couldn't imagine having kids closer than 2 years apart. DD is now 25 months old, and maybe within the next year, we'll think about TTC #2. I'd like to think that she'll be my little helper given how much she likes babies. I do at least want her fully weaned (just nursing at bedtime right now), out of diapers during the day (um, nowhere near that right now, lol), and STTN (check, for the most part). I get twinges of baby fever now and then, but that's all they are for now. I'm an only child, so I don't know what it's like to have siblings close in age, far apart, etc. DH is one of 4, and he has sisters that are 19 months, 12 years, and 15.5 years older than he is. As an adult, he's been close to all of them.

That being said, if you want your kids closer together, more power to you. Whatever works for you all. I know someone whose two youngest daughters are 11 months apart (the last one was a surprise pregnancy AND a 2-month-early preemie). It blew my mind for her to have a newborn and a baby not yet walking at the same time. That wasn't their plan, but it's worked out. Whatever you decide, good luck!
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