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Re: A no-carry baby?

yes there are some kids that hate being worn. My older is one of them. I tried multiple carriers and she really didn't even care to be held that much. She didn't hate it, she just didn't love it. What she really wanted was for daddy to hold her. From day one, she always preferred daddy. She still does and she is 2.5 years now. It was definitely something that I had to get used and not take it personally when she just wasn't as connected with me. I would spend so much time with her, breast fed, etc. and she just was always so independent. Her favorite phrase for the moment is "do it myself"! I remember I cried when she gave me a hug on her own for the first time and she was 18 months. I think the important thing is to parent to your particular child and not try to push them into a mold that they just don't care to or just can't fit in. She now does hug, sit on my lap and very occasionally let me rock her. Now my younger is attached to me like she still wants to be in the womb! LOL so I I do get to finally baby wear and get those baby snuggles in. I would try that MT, OP, but if she really doesn't like it then just find other ways to bond with her. My older was all about playing, going places, exploring, so that is what we did together. I think we are close now because she trusts me to just let her be the way she was born to be. You CAN have a close bond with out being physically close all the time. I would follow her lead and go from there. Good luck!

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