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Re: A no-carry baby?

well if it makes you feel any better, some easy babies are so demanding as toddlers, ha ha
Maybe she is storing up reserves to let loose at a later date and then you will have your hands full. LOL

Just go with it. Count your blessings for the child you have and enjoy seeing her happy in whatever way makes her happy. It is surprising when you see little ones with such particular personalities at such a young age. Perhaps she just really enjoys her independence and naturally has a mellow personality. Obviously you are doing something right because she would let you know if you weren't. Also remember that just because you are person that enjoys physical affection does not mean that you will have kids that are that way. We are all individuals and it does make parenting easier when you come to terms with that. You can influence your kids, teach them and love them but you can't change who they are. You just work with what ya get!
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