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Re: What to call private parts?

Originally Posted by mrsott
I agree.... if you make a big deal out of it, like it is taboo, then they are going to go around thinking it is not just a body part...

Which way do you mean that by? By not telling them the real names or by making a big deal out of making sure they call it the right name? I *think* correct me if I'm wrong, that you mean by not telling them the proper/real terminology for it....but I really disagree with you if thats what you mean. By me telling them it's called their "privates" is in no way me making a big deal out of it OR hindering them from discussing them if they feel the need. They're aware that its there, they are able to let me know if something needs attention, whether it be their privates or their butt, and they aren't at all feeling like I'm trying to "hide" something from them.

Privates really aren't just an "ear" or "arm" or any other openly discussed body part. Where I would have no problem sitting around with family discussing my ear infection, I would hardly be able to address a yeast infection, whether I say in my vagina or privates. They are a more private body part. I don't really know anyone that will openly discuss their *vagina/penis". Most people don't even enjoy going in to get their pap smears or to me, calling them just privates is fine. It's getting the point across, the girls know their private area's of their bodies and they certainly know they are attatched to them

I'm not upset that I'm obviously in the minority on this...but I really dont' understand how my dd calling them privates, makes her less intelligent or confused at to what they are???
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