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My big scare!

I was at work I felt weird so I went to the restroom and I was bleeding like a period would be. So I went and told my boss that I had to leave and go to the doctor. I get to my car call my midwife and she said go to the hospital and get an ultrasound because they don't have one in the office. I get to the hospital they get me in right away and the first nurse said well their isn't anything we can do because you are too early in pregnancy I wanted to scream you can ease my mind. Then they doc comes in and she is awesome she checked me and said my crevix (sp?) was closed and that was a good sign did my hcg and it was at 44,000 and then my utlrasound which the doc said showed a very healthy 7 wk 2 day baby I was suprised she didn't call it a fetus. She said they couldn't find a reason for me to be bleeding like that but some women do it and have a healthly pregnancy. I had light bleeding with dd the whole time but nothing like this so I am praying all goes well and I have a heathly pregnancy.
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