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Re: A no-carry baby?

Originally Posted by MrsLiberty View Post
My son hates being carried. When he was younger, he'd let me wear him occasionally (although it was always at very inopportune times!) but was a lot more interested in being free to move around and look around as he pleased. He's still super independent at 16 months. He prefers not to be carried. He likes to walk, and is pretty good about holding hands. He's not all that happy in a stroller most of the time either. He just hates being restrained for very long. It's just who he is.

My daughter was the polar opposite, total sling baby, any sling, any time. She'd probably still want to be worn if I'd do it, but being that she's almost 7 years old, I don't see that happening. All kids are different when it comes to this kind of thing. Mine are opposites!
Lol! Yep, mine is almost 2.5 and honestly the other day I did put the baby in the swing and put DD in the ergo to do some cooking. Lol. Today we were out for lunch and I had DD in the Maclaren and she was protesting, and I was just about to put her in the carrier and push the baby around in the stroller so that I could get home without a fight! Then I just figured that would be totally ridiculous, lol!
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