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Re: A no-carry baby?

My daughter is another kid who just doesn't like being held. As an infant she never liked being cradled. She always wanted to be held upright so she could look over our shoulders - even before she had good head control! She was happiest if I let her lay on the floor or couch and I sat next to her.

Now at 2 years old, I get some reluctant kisses and the very occassional hug. She is very loving and thinks my DH and I are sooo much fun, but she just doesn't show it with physical affection. She wants to be by me, wants to show me things, loves it when I sing to her, wants to do what I'm doing, etc.

Sometimes I wish that I could get a snuggle from my DD. Most of the time, I am so happy with her being exactly how she is. She is so fiercely independent and I know that trait will serve her well through out life. Plus she cracks me up with her need for personal space.

Just check out this picture of my DD's best friend trying to give her a hug:

Yeah, that's my daughter totally cringing and trying to get out of the hug.
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