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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

I'm the middle child, and I love my family spacing. My brother is 9 years older than me and my sister is 4.5 years younger. It was great growing up because my brother was past the jealous stage, and was very nurturing. I still remember my mom being pregnant with my sister, and it was so exciting to be able to comprehend that a baby was coming, getting to have "family meetings" to discuss names, etc. Also, we're a co-sleeping family so the spacing meant that I was no longer in my parent's bed full-time when my sister came along. We weren't super-close when we were young, but I've always liked my siblings (except when my brother went through a rebellious stage at age 19), and it's fun now. I'm 20, and I can still go with my sister to high school football games and I have two little nieces from my brother and his wife. My dad says he loves our spacing, because he gets to be a grandpa, dad to a college kid and dad to a high school kid.

At this stage in my life, I only want one child. However, that'll probably change, and I know that I won't have more than two unless there is some sort of vas/tubal failure (for moral reasons, I won't have more than two). I'd prefer about a 4 year spacing, but a lot depends on what DH wants. I would never TTC before 2 years though, because I wouldn't want to risk my milk drying up.
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