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Re: do you let your teen girl wear a bikini in public?

Originally Posted by crunchymom2b View Post
But to some women, a man's chest is just as sexual and a turn on as a woman's is to some men.
Amen sister! A man's chest/arms/stomach/back is by far the most physically attractive body part to myself and many of my friends, and very sexual. Humans are turned on by bare skin, and shirtless males are just as hot as shirtless females.

I grew up as a beach baby (Alabama's Gulf Coast, South Carolina's Atlantic, then Hawaii's Pacific) and bikinis were always the default for us. When we were young, it was because it was easier to take the bottoms off to use the bathroom. Then, we hit growth spurts and one-pieces fit weirdly. By the time everything evened out, we were teens. I've had everything from tankinis to itty bitty string bikinis. I'll do the same for my kids, I imagine. Growing up as a surf bum kid, I definitely don't find bikinis (even string ones) to be inappropriate.
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