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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

My girls are 8 and 4 and I LOVE the age gap. DD1 had 4 solid years to be doted on by herself, a time that I treasured. And then she started preschool just before DD2 came. It was great for her because it gave her her own space and her own time to play with her friends. It also meant that I had lots of time alone with DD2 to dote on her. I also really liked giving my body a break.. pg for 9 mos, nursed for 2 yrs, and then I had my body to myself for about 15 months before getting pg again.

I wondered if they would be able to play together, but I needn't have worried because they are best friends. They play SO well together & fight very little. Obviously their individual personalities play a big role in that too, but the age difference certainly hasn't caused any problems.
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