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Re: Disciplining a Spirited Child

Julianne had some great ideas. Our older is exactly a spirited child. We say she does everything with gusto. If she is happy, she is so exuberant and full of energy. If she is upset, it's like the world is over and the meltdown is unbelievable. She is 2.5 and we have a good thing going right now but it does take awhile to get there. The major thing for us is a structured routine. We rarely deviate from our routine. It is definitely a sacrifice but it IS working gloriously. Consistent sleep and healthy meals (very little processed, nothing sugary, etc.) makes a difference. As for discipline, I definitely agree with remaining 100% calm no matter what they are doing. Most of the time just pausing before reacting helps. Collect yourself, remind them in a short but firm explanation of what they are supposed to be doing or not doing and then move on. We do timeouts if necessary but the main thing in our household is preventative measures. We don't put her in situation we know she can't handle. We find fun ways to get out her energy and give age and personality appropriate expectations.
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