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Re: Disciplining a Spirited Child

Originally Posted by j+csmama View Post
First off... HUGS! My DS is very spirited... we say he's got 2 gears, go and fast. lol All his emotions are all or nothing. He cries BIG, when he gets mad he gets P.O'd, when he's happy he's jumping excited, so on.... As far as discipline with him, we've found that just keeping cool and calm is key. He absolutely feeds off of our stress and anger. If we let our emotions guide our discipline, he knows it and pushes our buttons even more. Also, stay consistent. Pick one thing, and stay with it. It's very trying, but it's worth it in the end. We read 123 Magic and applied that concept. It is the time out thing, but it's also being consistent and emotion-less with discipline. Sorry, I'm kinda talking in circles, but of course, he's acting out b/c I'm not giving him 100% attention.... Hope you find some peace soon.

ETA: I forgot about the diet thing too! We recently overhauled his diet. We've cut all refined sugar, limited dairy, and cut food dyes. It has seemed to help with his behavior. The more 'whole' you can go, the better. GL mama!
We have been trying 123 Magic as well. I managed to lose my book somehow, so I have to find a new one.

What kinds of foods do you do with the new diet. I have tried my best to refine her diet and limit dyes, HFCS, etc. But its hard to find things without dye in them. Lately she wants nothing but salad.

The more that Im reading, the more I think that DD is Spirited. She is the 'difficult' child. Metldowns, drama, VERY high Energy, when something happens that she doesnt like its meltdown central. When she gets in trouble for even the smallest things she cries and screams like she is seriously hurt. And she DOES.NOT.LISTEN.EVER.

I have had such a problem disciplining her. Im at the end of my rope right now as well because I have been through this for 2 years and its just getting worse the older she gets.
We did find that getting her into sports, like soccer and taking her swimming, helps get out a lot of that energy.

Sorry, I didn tmean to hijack !

I will be watching to see other responses !
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