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Re: Disciplining a Spirited Child

My DS is definitely a spirited child. His emotions are big, and swing with the flip of a coin. There is no distracting this child, and it has been that way since day one. I agree with some previous posters - keep a consistent routine, and try your hardest to keep the emotion out of your discipline. The other thing is to plan ahead. I *know* a meltdown is coming at 5pm, just as I am making dinner and my DD is needing to nurse. So I send him to his room at 4:45pm, and it works like a charm. The first couple of times he really disliked it, but now I catch him going to his room a little more often (and without fuss). I think he likes the retreat aspect of it. I also know that he hits a spot right around 11:30am where he gets whiney, so if we are home I pull out the playdough or crayons at 11:20 in hopes to avoid it. When we are out, I just keep an eye on my watch and pull him from whatever activity for a potty and snack break.
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