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Re: 2nd time around not so easy, he seems to WANT formula!!

The mechanics of taking a bottle are different than the mechanics of nursing from the breast - your son can't control the flow of the bottle nor can he stop filling his mouth with milk when he sucks, where he can do these things at the breast. So he may have taken in more from the bottle than from nursing - and then, with an overly full tummy, he may have appeared content where his body was simply needing to take extra time to process the formula.

For cutting back on formula in the bottles: Can you add in more pumping sessions at any time - at work or at home? Pump from one breast while he nurses from the other?

I doubt it's that he prefers what's in the bottle (formula), but he may prefer the bottle itself - something you can work through. More time at the boob, fewer bottles - he may be fussing because he's going through a growth spurt, and that's normal too. He'll fuss, he'll stimulate your supply, you'll catch up in a day or so - unless you give bottles, in which case your body will never get the message to catch up.

I apologize if you knew all this - just trying to get some ideas bouncing around! Good luck - I believe in you!
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