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ways to start labor or encourage it!

Ok guys, I am miserable... I remember feeling this way with the other 2 pg's by the end as well... but now this is the 3rd I am due in 3 wks... 1-2cm and 75% effaced, baby is low, head down, right there... I just hurt , can't sleep, etc etc... and I am sooooo irritable!

I have had contractions on and off for the past week... Had an u/s today and the baby is estimated to be 6 lb 10 oz 21" long... good size... and Dr asked if I wanted to be induced... I said no... and then left the office kicking myself cause I am so miserable!

Hubby and I have been on different pages the past few weeks and barely even talking or carrying on a conversation,partly b/c I am sooo miserable and he has absolutely no concern or compassion for how I am feeling... I have had NO break at all from my other 2 kids... he has not helped to anything baby preparations even things I have asked him to do...

I suggested DTD tonight (which we haven't done in like3-4wks!) and he said nope I was cut off... I guess to be mean ???

I am considering walking up and down my stairs.... will that help?? Any siuggestions? anything else that may help kick start labor???

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