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Re: Milk & GERD

Originally Posted by MaxCapacity View Post
Ooooo, sounds awesome! I love almond flavor too! Where can you get it? Is it at most stores? Is it refrigerated? Does it come in a carton or a box? I'd love more info please! This sounds like a good alternative for me (who HATES milk) too! Do you know the benefits to the body vs. cow's milk?
I found it at kroger, but I know it's not easy to find in some places. My sister lives in a big city and couldn't find it in several stores she went to. At my kroger, it's in the "organic/natural foods" section, in that refrigerated section. They have half gallons there. The also have shelf stable quarts (?) on the shelf in that section. I'm sure places like whole foods and trader joes have it. I didn't find it at meijers or walmart. I prefer refrigerated, but I keep shelf stable ones for if I run out (I use it mostly for cooking though). I like to buy the regular kind and add a little homemade chocolate syrup to it. The chocolate flavored reminds me of yoohoo.

The benefits of different milk is controversial. On one hand you have people who swear all animal milks are not meant for human consumption, and on the other hand you have people who believe animal milk is not only healthy, but necessary. And there's in-between people. So you kind of just have to read up on it and form your own opinion. Personally I believe animal milk is not meant for human consumption. As far as nutrition goes...well almond milk doesn't have the vit D, calcium, and protein that cow's milk has, but it's still yummy. We don't drink milk for nutrition though. It's for a treat (with chocolate!), cooking, and maybe cereal. We get our protein, calcium, and vit D elsewhere.
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