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hormone powered rant...

I know that every pregnancy is different, but sweet jeebus this is out of control!! If my prenancy with DD#1 had been like this I would have become a nun just to have a legit excuse to swear off sex!!

I've had leaky breasts since about 3 months along. This week alone I've soaked through 2 normal bras (and the shirts I had on), and both sports bras I have to wear to bed to keep from leaving HUGE puddles on my sheets. I feel like I've been kicked in the crotch mostly from standing at work. Courtesy of work I also have large puffed looking things that are suppose to be my ankles. I also have reflux so bad that I've now been woken up 3 times asperating on it.

The baby also spends a nice chunk of time trying to use my belly button as an escape route. Then as soon as my boyfriend lays his hand on my tummy she falls into an instant trance and doesn't move until his hand is removed. I fail to find any amusement in it most times.

Oh and my face, chest, arms, shoulders, back and even part of my stomach are COVERED in zits. And I mean zits like most teenagers would go to a dermatologist kind of zits. I will NOT be wearing tank tops this summer that is for sure.

Is this some sort of payback for a smooth pregnancy last time?!? I have a simple pregnancy, but a husband who was a total ***. This time I have a pregnancy that is about to break my sanity, but a boyfriend who goes out to get me frozen custard in tornado weather. I'll take my custard and shut up any day though really I swear!

Please someone reassure me that I am not the only one who wants to break down and cry over such stupid little things!
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