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Just curious if anyone else has noticed this, and I'm sorry it's so long

I have a four year old, and I can't figure out if he even has a dominant hand. I notice him using either hand 'mirroring' whoever is doing an activity with him (eating with his left hand if sitting across from a right handed person, etc), and using the same hand as someone sitting beside him. Mimicry, basically. But when doing something on his own, he shows no real preference, just uses whichever hand is closer or less occupied.

Now, if there was a distinct difference in the 'quality' of either hands work, I'd not even ask, but there isn;t really. He's slightly better at eating and writing with his left, but not noticeably so, so I'm assuming it's because he sits across from right handed people most of the time so his mimicry of their habits has made it a bit more refined, but everything else he does it's pretty much an even match up.

Just wondering if you'd assume he's ambidextrous, left handed, or just hasn't figured it out yet? I don't much care, either way, but it just seems curious to me.
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